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At Make it Matter, we find it so important that NON-Profits get the right support in their online presence, fundraising and getting in touch with and enlarge their audience and reach.

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Since the start of our company, we have always been commited to helping NON-Profits and organisations that want to make the world a better place.

How do we help NON-Profits? By all playing our part and donating working hours for our partners. Also by setting up a network of organisations in the Netherlands to professionalise their mission.

To join and benefit from our Partner Program you have to meet certain requirements. These requirments are for Dutchies only. Are you a non-profit from abroad, just contact us so we can look into how we can help you out!

What does our partner program mean?

Our partner program is free for NON-Profits. Once you're in, there are a number of advantages attached that can give your organization a huge boost. Obviously a considerable discount on our services, but also that of our partners.

We help you get in touch with funds, fundraisers and other organizations that can show you the way in the maze of grants, demands from the government and applying for funds.

Is my organization eligible?

Dutch non-profit organizations, working in the broad sense in the social sector, are eligible for our Partner program if they:

  • A foundation, association or ecclesiastical organization (Art 2 BW 2) are
  • EN Algemeen Nut Beogende Instellingen (ANBI) or Social Interest Savings Settings (SBBI) are

    This is validated on the basis of the articles of association, website and public information sources.

    For ANBIs there is a public register ( Find an ANBI ). If you indicate that you are an ANBI organization when you register with Make it Matter, we can verify that via that route.

    While there is such a register for ANBI, there is no official register or certificate for SBBI.

    SBBI means that your organization primarily represents the individual interests of your members or a small target group, but also has social value . Being an SBBI provides certain tax benefits on donations or inheritances (see the relevant web pages of the tax authorities).

    We understand that the Tax Authorities do not easily provide evidence that an organization is SBBI, especially when that organization has never used the tax benefit. If your organization is working in the social sector in the broad sense, the chances are that you are eligible for our program. That is why it suffices that when you tick 'SBBI' when you register with Make it Matter, we will assess this on a case-by-case basis, of course based on the definition of SBBI by the tax authorities.

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